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For Childbirth Training EPI-NO childbirth and pelvic floor trainer is designed to help women gently and naturally prepare the muscles and tissue of the birth canal for the physical strain of delivery, thus reducing the chance of a perineal tear or need for an episiotomy.

Urinary incontinence can often be cured or significantly improved if treated appropriately. Used in conjunction with pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises, EPI·NO can help to strengthen the pelvic floor, which supports bladder and bowel control.

Study up now! Whether you are expecting your first baby, or are already a mother, you should be focusing on preparing your body for the oncoming birth. Prepare now so that you have enough time to consider using EPI·NO. We have specific literature for health practitioners too!


For Childbirth Recovery The trainer has also been designed to speed toning of the pelvic floor muscles following childbirth. Used in conjunction with pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises, the trainer helps you identify and work on the correct muscles, then monitor your progress and recovery.


EPI·NO is clinically proven to:

  • Reduce the incidence of an episiotomy or perineal tear from natural birth
  • Increase apgar score (rating for the health of a newborn)
  • Decrease the need for drugs during birth
  • Reduce the parturition phase of birth (resulting in less stress for the baby)
  • Reduce anxiety in the mother-to-be for a more enjoyable birth experience






" ... Through the training with EPI·NO, the need for episiotomy and the spontaneous perineum tear rate have sunk significantly. The expulsion phase has -- in more than 70% of all births -- been shortened by at least half the expected time. The anxiety that many pregnant women have concerning the “passage of the head” is discussed and can already be dissipated before the birth. Many women speak after the birth of a “recognition effect” during delivery of the head because of their training with EPI·NO.


Based upon several years of experience, we can warmly recommend the EPI·NO pelvic floor trainer to every pregnant woman as preparation for the birth as well as well as after the birth for help in childbirth recovery. ... "


-- Excerpt from letter

by Irmgard Hummler, Qualified Midwife

Arco Maternity Clinic & Midwife Practice, Ltd.


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WellnessPartners.comEPI·NO is Health Canada approved with a Medical Device License. EPI·NO was called the "most innovative [childbirthing] product of the year" by Birthwaves Maternity Sanctuary of Canada.

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